Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

Day FOUR, another full day for our eleven- to twelve-year-old Ocean Explorers. Let's have a look at what they wrote in today's log-book:

Justin, "My favorite animal-keeper activity was feeding the stripers. They were in like a frenzy. We also fed the octopus."

Avery, "I liked going to the beach because I like to swim. Later we took care of fish. We had to feed them."

Caleb, "My favorite was feeding the fish and the octopi. We fed them fish and other food."

Hunter, "Feeding the octopus was my favorite animal-keeper activity. We learned that the stripers need to be fed every day to stay healthy."

Ian, "My favorite animal keeper was Rich. He told us everything. Feeding the sharks was fun. Especially the huge sandbar sharks."

Louis, "I liked finding shark teeth today. I found about 20."

John, "I fed the seahorses some brine shrimp. I liked playing in the ocean ... riding my boogy board was really fun."

Charlie, "We took care of sharks today. They needed medicine in their food."

CJ, "My favorite animal today was Wilson the Wood Duck, because he is so funny."

Hannah, "I enjoyed going to the beach. We went boogie boarding and took a nap. : ) We also took care of fish, including spade fish."

Jacob, "We fed fish behind the scenes. We saw baby spade fish."

Lauren, "I liked feeding the seahorses. We fed them bring shrimp. They suck it up there, because their mouths don't open."

Kelly, "I liked feeding the seahorses. We had to choose different [food] sizes to make sure they all stay healthy."

Bobby, "My favorite was going to the beach and surfing (boogieboarding) on waves. We also took care of some fish and got to feed the big sharks, lookdowns, permits and more."

Andrew, "I liked making salt water because I like helping the fish. I fed the spade fish."

Ben, "I learned that freezing the animals' food keeps them healthy because it kills the parasites."

Be sure to check tomorrow's blog to find out what the Ocean Explorer's do on their last day of camp!

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