Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Our Happy Campers share what they've been up to over the past couple of days. We asked them to describe their favorite activities (going to the beach ranked high), and to tell us what they've been learning....

Jon: "I learned that glass bottles take the longest to decompose."

Alana: "I learned that a diaper can take 450 years to decompose."

Matt: "We should not throw garbage, like fishing line, which can take 600 years to decompose."

Blake: "I learned that corn snakes can be found in different places."

Katy: "We went to the beach today and collected trash to clean the beach." "We learned about a sea turtle named Carala, and we learned where and how sea turtles travel through the world of the sea."

Michael: "We went to Zeke's Island with canoes." "We saw a snake and learned a lot."

Jonathan: "My favorite was seeing Wilson the duck, because he was trying repeatedly to bite the marine worker: "I learned that oysters are sharp and dangerous."

Conor: "I learned that if an animal has oil all over it it needs to be scrubbed and washed for a while and then you need to return it back to the wild."

PJ: "I liked going to Zeke's Island, because it was fun catching crabs and fish." "I learned that dirty diapers take 450 years to go away."

Tune in tomorrow for more!

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