Monday, July 18, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

A new crop of 10- to 12-year-old campers came aboard today! We asked them to evaluate their first day's favorite activities, and to tell what they learned that will contribute to the rescue or protection of wildlife. Let's check out their blog entries:

Jonathan: "I liked trying to catch stuff at the marsh ... and I learned that picking up trash can stop "the trash island the size of Texas" from getting any bigger."

Blake: "I liked it when we made fish with bottles ... and I learned that we put out our lights at night because the turtles can get hit."

Michael: "I liked going to the salt marsh, because it was cool ... and I learned that recycling can save wildlife."

Conor: "I liked going to the marsh because I have always wanted to play around in the marsh." "One way to help wildlife is to, if you spot or dig up turtle eggs, barricade it off."

PJ: "I liked making bottle fish because it was really fun ... and I learned that you should never litter or build in the marsh."

Matt: "My favorite was making bottle fish because we painted! And we reused the bottles. And I learned we protect wildlife by recycling paper, and (plastic) bags."

Katy: "My favorite activity is when we went crab fishing. I love to work with the crab. (And) when you see a turtle nest you need to make sure to move them closer to the sand dunes."

Jon: "Crabbing was my favorite. I learned that there is a shortage in animals now."

(Anonymous): My favorite part was catching blue crabs, because I don't get to do that often. I learned that we should be more careful on the beach."

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