Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

Today they learned about oil spills, went crabbing, and more!

Alex: "I learned that turtles have brains the size of thumbs and they think plastic bags are food."

Sydney: "One of my favorite activities was going crabbing, because you never really get to crab with your friends and it was fun to feel the tug on the rope." "We learned how to clean up oil spills. They hurt animals because they may eat it or get covered. Also it wa a fun project because we got to experiment and see how we could take it [the oil] away."

Ryan: "I liked seeing the turtle, because it was cool." "I learned not to litter in the sea."

Elana: "I liked going behind the scenes." "We learned about oil spills and littering and how to clean them up."

Andew: "My favorite was crabbing, because I caught a crab." "I learned that an oil spill can take a very long time to clean up."

Kelly: "I caught TWO crabs!" "I learned that to help sea turtles the aquarium moves the nest if it is too close to the ocean.

Hampton: "My favorite was the mini oil spill, because we tried to clean up oil." "I learned, Don't cause oil spills!"

Noah: "I liked cleaning up the oil spill." "I learned that when cleaning up an oil spill you can try anything to clean up the oil but it does not always work. You can donate your hair when there is a spill, but it does not always. work."

Check back tomorrow -- their last day of camp!

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