Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Today was day two for our 10-12 year old Ocean Explorers. Let's see how they enjoyed their day...

Devann, "My favorite thing we did during the Animal Keeper was watch Jill the boy octopus."

Kylee, "My favorite activity was swimming in the swimming hole because I got to ride with the current."

Helena, "My favorite activity today was taking water samples."

Spencer, "My favorite activity today was washing the filter because it was easy."

Abby, "I did take care of animals: corn snakes and so on. I cleaned boxes and bags and kept them busy."

Alexia, "I liked holding the snakes because they were soft and fun to hold."

Cat, "My favorite animal keeper activity was when we checked the water in the Behind the Scenes tank."

Kelsey, "My favorite activity was when we canoed to Zeke's Island and played there."

Gage, "Swimming in the swim hole was my favorite activity."

Reagan, "I liked testing the water because it made me feel special and important."

Erin, "I liked feeding the octopus and jellyfish. For the octopus, we put shrimp in ice and they ate it!"

Courtney, "I would say my favorite activity was feeding the snakes. It was AWESOME!"

Maddie, "I liked when we tested the water pH and salinity because it made me feel like I worked there."

Danny, "My favorite activity was when we fed the moon jelly."

Mary, "I liked when we learned how to hold a snake."

Brandon, "My favorite activities were the octopus and a whole day swimming!"

Check back tomorrow for another update from our campers!

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