Friday, July 8, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 5

Today was the last day of camp
for our ten- to twelve-year-old
"Ocean Explorers."

What will they remember?

Here are entries from their
daily journals:

Kelsey, "Today I learned that fish scales are made of spongey bone and keratin."

Courtney, "I liked touring the Aquarium."

Abby, "My favorite was when we went to the Oceans classroom and made recycled fish."

Helena, "We saw the big tank. You need to have lots of filters."

Cat, "We fed octopi yesterday."

Gage, "Looking at the sea horses."

Devann, "Touching sand crabs. (They were slimey.)"

Mary, "I really liked the megaldon exhibit."

Brandon, "I wish I had a pet megladon. My favorite animal is an octopus."

Erin, "I liked seeing the private dive show."

Kylee, "Touching the animals in the touch tank because you got to pick them up and feel cool creatures."

Spencer, "My favorite was feeding the sharks cause it was fun."

Maddie, "I liked going to the big tank and watching the diver clean it. I would want to do that in life too."

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