Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Second day for our 10- to 12-yr-old Ocean Explorer day-campers. We asked them to tell what they liked best, and what they learned about helping and protecting wildlife.

Alex: "I liked going to the beach, because we found fossils, and I learned, To save a turtle, pick up trash."

Elena: "My favorite activity was making shirts." "I learned all about snakes."

Andrew: "I liked the movies." "I learned that litter can harm wildlife and that it's important to help."

Hampton: "I liked going behind the scenes, because we got to see all kinds of animals." "I learned Don't cut down trees because animals live there."

Ryan: "My favorite was going to the beach." "We learned not to wreck their habitat."

Kelly: "My favorite was seeing the baby alligators because I have NEVER seen one that small!" "I learned that if you find or see an albino anything call a zoo or aquarium so they can take care of it."

Noah: "My favorite was watching videos, because they were relaxing." "Never litter, and if you see an albino send it to an aquarium or a zoo."

Sydney: "Going to the beach was my favorite because we got to play and jump in the waves with our friends." " Don't cut down animals habitats because the animals will have to leave for some unknown place."

Check back tomorrow for more!

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