Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 2

Today was Day TWO for the Ocean Explorers' Summer Day Camp at the Aquarium. Their blog entries describe a few of their favorite adventures:

Caleb, "My favorite animal-keeper activity was getting to change the water in the reptile tank. I also took care of frogs."

Ben, "My favorite activity was going canoeing to Zeke's Island, and we went crabbing. It was my favorite because I got to sing songs."

Justin, "The animal that I had to take care of today was a salamander. I had to clean their dirty water and keep them healthy."

CJ, "Today I helped take care of fish. Other fish is what we fed to the fish."

Hannah, "Today we took care of fish by making sure their water was not contaminated."

Charlie, "My favorite animal keeper was Michael, because he let us feed fish."

Louis, "Helping the salamanders, because I really want one."

Avery, "My favorite was canoeing. I liked canoeing because I like working as a team."

Andrew, "Checking the water, because we get to use cool stuff to check the water."

Ian, "My favorite keeper was Michael, because he told us about the types of food. I liked feeding the fish."

Jacob, "I saw a blue angelfish. I took the pH level and the salinity level."

Bobby, "Feeding the fish and ... canoeing to Zeke's Island."

Hunter, "Holding the snakes, because they were so smooth."

Kelly, "I took care of striped bass. I had to cut up all of the fish and I had to throw the fish food in the tanks to take care of them."

John, "I cut up fish and something else for freshwater fish."

Lauren, "Seeing the animals eat the food, because I like them to be healthy."


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