Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Wednesday: Another day of learning and fun for our summertime day-campers. Today's blog entries:

Kelly: "I liked going behind the scenes and seeing the sharks and the octopus, because I haven't seen the octopus in all the 3 years that I have been here." "I learned about the sea turtles. To help save them we can: stop littering, try to watch where you are driving your boat, and not messing with them."

Noah: "Behind the scenes, there were live sharks!"

Alex: "I liked going to the saltwater quarantine." "I learned we can save turtles by not messing with them."

Sydney: "I liked behind the scenes, because we got to learn about animals such as seahorses, yellow stingrays, fish, jellyfish and sharks." "We can prevent losses of sea turtles. We can help them by not littering, picking up trash, and helping the people who work at the sea turtle hospital."

Hampton: "I liked going to the beach, because we had fun." "We should help protect beaches because turtles bury their eggs there."

Elena: "I liked watching a sea turtle movie." "I learned all about turtles and how we can save them."

Andrew: "I liked going to the beach, because we had fun." "I learned sharks have 30,000 teeth. Octopuses, 3 brains and 7 hearts."

Ryan: "My favorite was the turtles." "I learned to not to lietter in the sea."

More coming tomorrow!

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