Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 3

Another full day for our 10- to 12-year-old day-campers. What were their favorite activities? What did they learn?

Matt: "My favorite was the sharks. I learned Don't put garbage in the ocean or in anything but a trash can."

Alana: "I liked going behind the scenes because it's something you usually don't get to do when you go to the Aquarium."*

Michael: "My favorite was the fossil pit because I found this [he has a shark's tooth]." "I learned that balloons can harm sea turtles, so now I won't let balloon go."

PJ: "I learned that when a turtle shell splits they put sugar on it."

Jonathan: "I liked watching the baby yellow stingray because it was the first one born in captivity." "I learned how to look for cigarettes [on the beach] and to thrown them away."

Blake: "Don't put plastic bags in the water because sea turtles will eat them."

Conor: "I liked going behind the scenes because it was cool to see all the fish and how they take care of them."

Jon: "My favorite was getting a white tooth [in the fossil pit].

Katy: "I liked going behind the scenes in the saltwater quarantine. I love seeing the new animals they have." "We can rescue sea turtles hung up in a fishing line if we help get it free.


*(Remember that Behind-the-Scenes tours ARE available as Special Activities -- just check the Website to make reservations.)

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