Friday, July 22, 2011

Ocean Exporers Blog 4

It's Friday, and our campers are finishing up the last day of a very busy week. Here are today's blog entries:

Jonathan: "Everything today was my favorite activity because everything was so fun." "I learned what hermit crabs look like out of their shells."

Alana: "I liked going to the Megalodon exhibit because it's extinct, and I learned some stuff."

Blake: "I learned that cigarette butts take 25 years [to decompose]."

PJ: "I learned that the big tank is 24 feet high. I liked the show in the big tank because it was interesting."

Matt: "I liked going to the top of the big tank because I saw all the fish. I learned that in the big tank all the coral is fake."

Michael: "My favorite activity was going to the top of the shark tank, because of the sharks." "I learned that everybody can help [protect wildlife]."

Jon: "I liked everything. We went all around the aquarium." "I learned we can all make a difference."

Conor: "I liked going to the top of the large tank because it was so cool to see all of the fish from above."

Katy: "My favorite was going to the top of the big tank and seeing the fish and seeing the divers clean the glass. We learned how deep the big tank is -- 23 to 25 feet."

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