Monday, July 25, 2011

Ocean Explorers Blog 1

Whoa! Another wave of Ocean Explorers arrived today! Let's check their blog entries to see what they like, and what they're learning:

Kelly: "I liked going to the rocky outcrop and collecting all the trash, because I like helping clean the environment. I learned that when you have a balloon, don't let it go, because a turtle might think it is a jellyfish."

Noah: "I liked meeting Wilson [the wood duck]. He was biting the air randomly." "I learned you should grab things you see, like trash."

Andrew: "My favorite activity was meeting everybody, because I made a new friend and now I'm not scared to talk to people." "I learned that you need to reduce, reuse and recycle, to help keep something bad from happening to another animal."

Elena: "My favorite activity was making fish, because it was fun." "I learned about ducks. Oil spills can be bad for birds."

Alex: "My favorite was playing a game." "We learned to protect animals."

Hampton: "We went to the rocky outcrop and saw anemones and algae." "I learned if a duck or bird is covered in oil it can't fly or swim, so you should clean it up."

Sydney: "I liked the arts and crafts, when we made a fish out of a bottle and paper that was recycled. The reason it was my favorite was because it was really fun and it was a cool way to recycle." "We learned how plastic bags and balloons can hurt sea turtles because they think they're jellyfish. I also learned about how to keep them safe because they could get stuck in something, and we learned how they survive."

Ryan: "My favorite today was the beach pickup. I liked this because it helps the earth." "We learned how to protect wildlife by sorting plastic cans and stuff like that."

More to come, tomorrow!

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